I am going to college for a Medical Laboratory
Technician. This course creates lots of jobs for me when I'm older. I have the
ability to work in any hospital, clinic, or Doctors office.

I would like to have children, someday.  I
want to be married young if I find the right person, and be able to start my
life early. I'm a really home-based person so I can't wait to have a home of my
own to share with my family.
Right now all of that is really
unclear to me as I don't know where my life will take me within the next couple
years. But as of August 2012 I will be living in an apartment in Ottawa with my
cousin and my boyfriend.. from there, who knows! I'm excited to find out! 
    The objective of Medical Laboratory Technician program is to help individuals prepare for the challenges of a career within the medical environment. The program provides both theoretical and practical instruction in a well-equipped classroom / laboratory setting. In class learning is supplemented during the enrollment period by clinical work experience in any of the fast-paced hospital departments.
This program includes training in the following key areas:
- Anatomy, Physiology, and Terminology
- Blood
- Body Systems (Nervous, Endcrine, Musculoskeletal, Digestive, and Reproductive
- Circulatory System and ECG
- Histology and Cytology
- Medical Microbiology
- Professional/Interpersonal Skills
- Quality Assurance and Laboratory Mathematics
- Urinalysis